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Beware of Trademark Scams!

Shortly after filing a trademark application with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), you may receive official-looking letters or invoices seeking payment relating to your trademark registration. These letters are often formatted to appear as if they are being sent from an official government agency, and use official sounding names that contain terms such as “United States,” “Trademark,” Registration,” “Office,” or “Agency.” Many also will provide official government data publicly available from USPTO records, or refer to sections of the U.S. Code. However, these solicitations have absolutely no legal or other significance to your trademark application or registration.

These solicitations generally provide useless services such as listing the application on an internet database or sending a reminder that a trademark registration is up for renewal sometime in the future. Many of the solicitations do not even disclose what services, if any, they are providing. The truth is that the only service that many of these solicitations provide is to collect significant amounts of money from unsuspecting trademark owners who believe they are responding to official, legitimate invoices.

The problem has gotten so bad that the USPTO has put up a warning on its website, and provided a list of the known fraudulent solicitations along with copies of many of their solicitation letters. Those companies include the following:

Brand Registration Office (Trademark Selection Edition) (Washington, DC)

GBO, Inc., Trademark and Patent Dep. (Miami, FL)

GLOPAT Global Patents & Trademarks (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)

GLOTRADE (New York, NY) 

Intellectual Property Agency Ltd. (London, U.K.)

Intellectual Property Services USA Incorporated (Alexandria, VA)

IOPR - Intellectual Office Property Register (Beaverton, OR)

IP Direct - Registration of the International Trademark (Czech Republic)

IPTA Registration of the International Trademark (Brno, Czech Republic)

IPTI - International Patent & Trademark Index (Czech Republic)

IPTO International Patent & Trademark Organization (Brno, Czech Republic)

ITR Trademark Publication (Miami, FL)

P.T.M.A. Patent and Trademark Association (New York, NY)

Patent & Trademark Agency (New York, NY)

Patent & Trademark Bureau (Philadelphia, PA)

Patent and Trademark Bureau (New York, NY)

Patent & Trademark Office (299 Park Ave., New York, NY)

Patent & Trademark Office (555 Madison Ave., New York, NY) 

Patent & Trademark Office (Jersey City, NJ)

Patent & Trademark Resource Center (Seattle, Woodinville, & Bothell, WA)

Patent and Trademark Organization (New York, NY)

Patent Trademark Register

Register of International Patents and Trademarks (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)

RPT Servis - Registration of the International Trademark (Czech Republic)

TM Collection (Szombathely, Hungary)

TM Edition (2012 version) (Szentendre, Hungary)

TM Edition (2015 version) (Szentendre, Hungary)

TM-DB Register of Protected Trademarks (Minneapolis, MN)

TM-DB Register of Protected Trademarks (Pearland, TX)

TM-DB Register of Protected Trademarks (Washington, DC)

TM-DB Register of Protected Trademarks (Wilmington, DE)

TPP - Trademark & Patent Publications (Poland)

Trademark and Patent Office (Los Angeles, CA)

Trademark Compliance Center (version 2) (Alexandria, VA)

Trademark Compliance Center (version 1) (Alexandria, VA)  

Trademark Compliance Center (Washington, DC)

Trademark Compliance Office (Arlington, VA) 

Trademark Office Ltd. (New York, NY)

Trademark Registration and Monitoring Office (Intellectual Property Rights Recordation Alert) (Los Angeles, CA)

Trademark Registration and Monitoring Office (Past Due Notice) (Los Angeles, CA)

Trademark Renewal Service (New York, NY)

Trademark Renewal Service (Washington, DC)

Trademark Safeguard - Trademark Monitoring Service (New York, NY)

U.S. Trademark Compliance Office (Wilmington, DE)

U.S. Trademark Compliance Service (Phoenix, AZ)

United States Trademark Maintenance Service (version 2) (Arizona)

United States Trademark Maintenance Service (version 1) (Arizona)

United States Trademark Registration Office (Los Angeles, CA)

USTM Information Services (Idaho Falls, ID)

WDTP Registration of International Trademark (Praha, Czech Rep.) (v.1)

WDTP Registration of International Trademark (Praha, Czech Rep.) (v.2)

IPT World Patents Trademarks (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)

World Organization for Trademarks (WOTRA) (Hungary) (NEW)

WPAT World Patents Trademarks (Bratislava, Slovak Republic) (version 1)

WPAT World Patents Trademarks (Bratislava, Slovak Republic) (version 2)

WTR World Trademark Register (Poland)

The important thing to remember is that any official correspondence concerning your trademark application or registration will be from the “United States Patent and Trademark Office” in Alexandria Virginia, and all emails will be from the domain “@uspto.gov.” Also, if an attorney filed your trademark registration application on your behalf, any official correspondence regarding the application will be sent to that attorney.

If you receive one of these solicitations, and cannot tell if it is legitimate or not, please send us an email or give us a call, and we can quickly let you know if it is legitimate or a scam. To find out more about our trademark services, click here.

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